Playing with the devil by Kilian

I was introduced to the Kilian “perfume family” a couple of years ago by a colleague of mine who purchased more than a dozen samples made by the famous perfume house. In search of the perfect scent, we started sniffing the (quite expensive) perfume samples during our lunch breaks. Soon we were charmed… Back to Black, Beyond Love, Love, Liaisons Dangereuses and Incense Oud are some of my favorite Kilians. But I still remember how I fell in love at first…sniff with “Playing with the devil”…

“Playing with the Devil” is part of the „In the Garden of Good and Evil” Kilian collection, the „forbidden fruits” being the main signature of this assembly. This is a fruity fragrance with an opening of fruity notes – Blood Orange, Blackcurrant buds, White Peach and Lychee (this last note being the “power” driver here) – combined with hot spices – Black Pepper and Pimento Berries. Then comes the “woody” scents Cedar, Sandalwood, Patchouli, dressed by a sensual Rose and Jasmine scents. In the dry down, a Vanilla and Tonka Bean powdery trace moves over the lychee strong note.


This scent firstly drew me in with its delicious lychee top notes. The “ohhh so fruity and sparkling” scent got my attention immediately!  However, playing with this sugary fruit/vanilla combo might be someone’s ultimate desire, but to me, no matter how much I sometimes “crave” a “sweet perfume”, this one wasn’t too…cosy. Because there came its dry down and I couldn’t point out-at first-why everything changed. The myrrh-ish, headache-inducing, heavy and overly powdery scent made me feel like its designer didn’t compose this perfume harmoniously enough. Afterwards, I tried it at different times, during different days, hoping to get as excited as I was when I first smelled it.

Less unique than other Kilian frags, I wasn’t scrubbing it off, but I wasn’t in love enough to get past the headache-y scent or buy a bottle. To me, this perfume feels too girly or even childish. And the sweetness is not well balanced and too synthetic. All in all, I think it’s worth sampling, but not worth spending a couple of hundreds (or even more) dollars for a bottle.

No longer in my Kilian’s top picks, I will not purchase “Playing with the Devil” anytime soon; I will remain loyal to the few more well blended compositions that better define the brand. And, of course, I will write about them soon. Stay tuned!

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