NEMRÄC STYLE- The bridge between uniqueness and geometry

Three years ago I’ve met Carmen Popescu in Montreal, the city we both call “home”. The fact that we spoke the same language, but also her warm, pleasant personality, eased our conversation immediately. The first time I met Carmen we talked a lot about life and our dreams. Carmen’s vision was to become a reputable fashion designer and create and expand her own fashion brand. By the way her eyes were glittering while talking about her goals, I simply knew that her longings will soon turn into reality. Today, Carmen Popescu, at only 26 years old, is one of the many talented Romanians living abroad who are breathing and nurturing their dreams came true.

Roxana Vornicu (Mala Hierba) si Carmen Popescu (designer Nemrac Style).

Roxana Vornicu (Mala Hierba) si Carmen Popescu (designer Nemrac Style) in Montreal, Canada.

Her brand, NemräC Style, is already making waves in the Quebec’s fashion world and people are already falling in love with it. NemräC Style means ready to wear, unique collections and fit to measure clothing pieces because Carmen Popescu believes that anyone, no matter the shape, height, or taste should be able to wear a NemräC piece!

Before one of Carmen’s fashion shows, I headed backstage to catch up with the young designer, who never ceases to impress me with her feminine, yet unique pieces with just the right amount of unexpected details. Backstage, Carmen Popescu was remarkably laid-back, answered all my questions with the most amazing smile on her face and with no sign of pre-show jitters.

Roxana Vornicu: Carmen, how did you start this amazing adventure in the fashion design world?

Carmen Popescu: I have discovered my predilection for all things fashion at a very young age. Inspired by my grandmother’s love for needlework and embroidery, I was only four years old when she showed me how to sew my first button. I was very fortunate to be surrounded by my family who nurtured my creativity and unique view of the world. Their support and education has helped me develop my artistic skills through illustration, painting, and dance, all of which prompted me to follow my true calling. Growing up I have flirted with the idea of becoming an architect. That said my fascination with clean, structural lines and appreciation for a functional aesthetic is the main inspiration and has became an intrinsic part of NemräC Style’s singular style.


Top „Nalisa” (Nemrac Style)


Did you think to trademark your brand in any other way than… NemräC (your name written the opposite way)?

When I first thought of opening my company I wanted to use my first and last name – Carmen Popescu. That said, at that time, the name was already used by another company in another domain other then fashion. Personally, I wanted my brand to be UNIQUE and therefore it was obvious I was not going to use a name that already existed to brand my company. I was looking for a name that would fit both – women and men clothing and that would directly be linked to me. I also was looking for a distinctive name that would cause curiosity and suggest an ethnic association.

More and more people are talking, in great terms, about you and your designs. What is the secret behind NemräC Style?

I think that the secret behind NemräC Style’s attractiveness resides in an innovative vision of fashion, elegance and refinement. The clothes are intended to explore an inspiration residing within art and geometric echo revealing modern speeches of both Women and Men. The brand is characterized by sophisticated chic and classic symmetry that have become very appealing to people’s eyes and taste.

Roxana Vornicu (Mala Hierba) purtand top „Nayla” si leggings „Nais” (Nemrac Style).

Where do you see NemräC Style in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I see NemräC Style expanding worldwide. I think the international fashion scene will fall in love with the sleek and minimalist lines revealed in NemräC Style collections as the Quebec fashion platform is currently discovering and appreciating it. I would also love to start producing some NemräC pieces in Romania. That said, I wish for the NemräC ‘s collections to keep evolving and continue to translate avant-garde aesthetic.

What would you never wear?

Actually there is not a lot that I would not wear! When I go shopping I tend to try clothes that I would not necessary think of buying at first gaze. That said, even though I am very open to different styles of clothes, I will never wear a piece that does not compliment my silhouette nor reflects part of my personality.

"Haeven"-Unisex Poncho (Nemrac Style)

„Haeven”-Unisex Poncho (Nemrac Style)

Recommend us a piece from your collection…no matter the price.

I would definitely recommend the Unisex Poncho. This creation was actually one of the most popular pieces up to now.  It is an original piece inspired by my fascination for geometry and architectural lines that compliments almost any silhouette and is also offered as a “fit to measure” size. The rich mixtures of materials in the Poncho bring out appealing contrasting effects.  That said, being reversible with having detachable parts, this piece provides diversity and can be worn throughout different seasons.

Do you have a message for our Mala Hierba readers?

First of all, thank you for this opportunity to spread the news about my brand to your readers as well. I read Mala Hierba’s articles with great pleasure (and I have my mother to thank for always encouraging me to be proud of my roots and not forget the Romanian language). NemräC Style believes that no matter what you wear it is important to stay true to your silhouette and personality. Clothes should be a reflection of who you are as an individual. I wish your readers to never be ashamed of who they are or how they look like, to never give up on what they believe in and to always follow their dreams.

Thank you, Carmen. We wish you to soon dress people all over the world and become an icon of perseverance and distinctiveness!

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